Rangers of the Sword Coast

The 17 Orcs

Vaurialis Journal

The challenges have begun as our group moved out and was presented with their quest. We need to find the Antlerless Deer and return to the village for the festivities. It is highly likely that our quest will draw us closer to the ever growing forest fire to the west of our location. Being an Elf and a Ranger, the need to stop the fire supersedes the need for this ceremony, but I will let the wisdom of the elders to guide my bow.

Right before our Teachers were to leave us to our quest, our group was attacked by a marauding group of disgusting Orcs. If it was not for the mighty magic of our teacher, our group would most certainly have been overwhelmed by sheer numbers. However this was not the case as we quickly and decisively laid was to abominations. It is unknown if the fires are related to the increase of Goblin and Orc activities on this side of the Crags.

We continue our quest, as I will attempt to track the deer and keep an eye on the burning horizon in the west.



muunkky yearofmark

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