Rangers of the Sword Coast

Session 2
We went into the woods and fought some goblins

The characters met the ‘head’ Mage of the village Mage Hephaanis Olumbert in her cottage outside the village.

They found Moonwood for Alveris

They ventured beyond the distance they had ever travelled unsupervised towards the Crag Border (4 hr march), where they ran into some ragged humans who were trying to sneak past them. They decided to bring them back to the village, and the humans were happy to go there.

On the return march they encountered a pack of dark goblins that put up a good fight. The humans weren’t very useful.

Session 1
"We fought some rats..."

The characters spent the day in the village learning about their village history from some of their mentors.

They met
  • Alveris Quall, mentor to Aladrielle in the gardening patch
  • Captain Gohrrin Paelenshar, the weapons trainer and captain of the watch
They learned:
  • About the upcoming trials in 2 tendays
  • They will be on watch every night before the trials
  • There is some uncertainty as to exactly what will be required of them for their trials
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